Suicide Run

The year is 2275, mankind has flourished throughout the solar system establishing colonies on all of the known worlds of Sol. Under the banner of the U.S.S., humanity has enjoyed a peace that has lasted over 200 years. However it was not to last. In the depths of space, one by one, communication with the colonies has grown silent.

Earth now sends the U.S.S. Noble and it’s fighter squadron to the world of Mars. It’s objectives, to establish contact with the colony and to find out what has caused the system wide black out.

  • Suicide Run is a fast paced Tactical Space Shooter, incorporating high speed fighter combat with stylish anime visuals.
  • Each pilot has different combat abilites and flying styles. Tactical combat allows for you to control your wingman’s actions.
  • Mix and Match flight teams and space fighters to gain the tactical edge.
  • Listen as the story unfolds through fully voiced dialogue in English.
  • Unlock New Characters, Fighters, and Weapons.
  • Over 30+ missions
  • Multiplayer Versus mode allows up to 4 players.

Suicide Run will be available for download on App Store for the iPhone.